Trauma, But Make It Funny

Episode 16: Megan and the Missing Colon

October 06, 2021 Brianna Hancin Season 2 Episode 16
Trauma, But Make It Funny
Episode 16: Megan and the Missing Colon
Show Notes

On the 16th episode of Trauma, But Make It Funny, Bri welcomes her friend from college, Megan Kastner. Megan tells Bri the story about what lead up to her ultimately having to get her colon removed - and there are some twists and turns, people.  Bri and Megan talk through a ton of SHIT, literally, with an emphasis on how important it is to advocate for your own health. This story takes place over the pandemic, so that adds another crazy element, which I'm sure you can imagine.

Megan's positive attitude about her new life is contagious, and I hope you feel gratitude after hearing this episode, just like Megan feels gratitude after a chronic illness changed her life.   

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